Travel together with Eastward Travels to the East and discover fascinating parts of Russia, the Caucasus, Central Asia and India. In 2019 we will travel to the Pamir Highway, Kazakhstan & Kyrgyzstan, Kamchatka, Mount Elbrus and Incredible India. Whichever destination you will chose, all our trips have in common that they are off the beaten track, selected personally with the greatest care and filled with history, friendly local people, tasty food and astonishing nature. We kindly invite to have a look at our website. For sure, your traveller's heart will start beating faster.

Travel to Uzbekistan with Eastward Travels

Single Trip to Moscow and St Petersburg with Eastward Travels

Eastward Travels Reizen naar Rusland, India en Azie

Since 2014 Eastward Travels organizes a variety of trips to Russia, Central Asia, the Caucasus and India. You will see, there is a broad array of completely different trips on offer on our website. Some might come back regularly, others might not. Just check it out regularly, so you will not miss the trip that you do not want to miss. Just come and discover!