For many years I am travelling to undiscovered destinations in the East. Mainly in Russia, Central-Asia and the Caucasus, but also in India and South Korea. And every time I am wandering around here, I do realize that there are still so many place on our planet that, almost literally, scream to be discovered. Very often, upon my return, my enthusiastic stories make my friends and acquaintances ask me to take them to these 'strange' places. And exactly this is what I am aiming for with Eastward Travels. I invite all of you kindly to join me to one of my trips to the East. Surely, you will return enthusiastically and full of new impressions. As all these undiscovered destinations have in common that they have a lot to offer. Rich culture and history, friendly local people, tasty food and astonishing nature. I kindly invite to have a look at the website. For sure, your traveller's heart will start beating faster.
In 2018 two major sport events will take place in the East: The FIFA World Cup Football in Russia and the Olympic Winter Games in South Korea. To both events Eastward Travels will dedicate a special trip, as I am a huge fan of both the East and sport. If you would like to join, do not hesitate to let me know. I guarantee you top entertainment plus fair and reasonable prices.

Eastward Travels, Olympic Games, South Korea

Eastward Travels Reizen naar Rusland, India en Azie